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Welcome to Valletta Maltese

We are a small hobby, show breeder, located in North Central Texas near Fort Worth. We strive to breed healthy, happy, well-socialized, beautiful Maltese, as close to our breed standard as possible. All of our dogs and puppies live in our home, are raised with love and considered to be a part of our family. Our breeding program is on a very small scale, 2 or 3 litters a year, which allows us to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Occasionally we have puppies that we place in pet homes. All of our pet puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter agreement with limited registration and are not available for adoption until they are 12 weeks of age. Before leaving for their new home, they are vet checked and up to date on their vaccinations. We start potty training our puppies to puppy pads early on, but training will need to continue when they go to their new home.

Maltese Breed History

The Maltese is an ancient breed of dog, thought to be over 2000 years old. The actual origin of this breed is uncertain. Some claim the breed came from the Mediterranean island of Malta and others claim the origin is from the small Sicilian town of Melita. These regal little dogs were bred to be companions and lap dogs for royalty and to this day continue to fulfill their purpose. Just as a Border Collie follows its instincts to herd sheep, a bird dog is bred to flush birds and a terrier is bred to hunt vermin; Maltese were bred to be your companion, to adorn your lap with their presence and to adore the humans they own. They are a relatively healthy breed and they would have to be to have lived through the ages relatively unchanged.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that a responsible/ethical breeder, breeds for the love of the breed. They breed to improve their lines and strive to follow the breed standard; producing healthy, structurally sound Maltese with the sweet, loving temperament that made us all fall in love in the first place. Their beauty is just icing on the cake. Ethical breeders never sell to pet stores or brokers. We believe that if one breeds and contributes to the pet population, one must also support rescue, either by fostering, transporting or assisting monetarily. We are members of the American Maltese Association, the parent club of the AKC for Maltese and ascribe to their code of ethics.

Our Story

In 1999 we purchased our first Maltese from an ad in our local newspaper. He is what made me fall in love with this wonderful breed. Unfortunately, we later found out that he was from a puppy mill and we had gotten him from a broker. At that time, we had never heard of a puppy mill and the horrors of how these dogs and puppies are kept. He is nowhere close to the breed standard; with a cottony coat, long snout and poor temperament, amongst other things. We acquired two more Maltese from backyard breeders. Just as before, we didn't know what a backyard breeder was, but soon learned how poorly bred they were. Nevertheless, they have a special place in our hearts. From our experiences with these 'breeders', we learned how not to breed.

In 2002, I attended the American Maltese Association's National Specialty in Dallas, Texas. I was awestruck at how beautiful all of the Maltese were. I saw the top winning Maltese in the history of the breed (103 All Breed BIS, 3 National BISS), BIS/BISS CH Ta-Jon's Tickle Me Silly – "Silly", win her third National Specialty and she literally took my breath away. I decided then that I wanted to have a beautiful dog such as this to show to its championship and to breed as close to the standard as possible.

Fast forward 4 years, a mutual friend, Sharon Bourbeau, introduces us and we meet and befriend the owner of Silly, the dog we fell in love with at the Dallas Nationals! We were so very fortunate and are forever indebted to Tammy Simon of Ta-Jon Maltese who gave us our start and our foundation. She has shared not only her dogs, but her time, talent, expertise and friendship.

We are also very grateful to Tonia Holibaugh, of Rhapsody Maltese, who has allowed us to co-own and breed one of her bitches to one of her stud dogs in order to help expand our breeding program and set our foundation. She has also shared with us her vast knowledge of the health of our breed.

We feel that we have started off on the right foot with some of the best pedigrees available, with which to start the Valletta line.

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Latest News:

10/10/2014 - At this time we do not have any puppies available for adoption. Please check back soon!

7-16-2012 - We have just moved to our new address VallettaMaltese.COM! If you're seeing this message, you are in the right place!

7-12-2012 - We have a new girl we are Now Showing. Her name is Valletta's Sunrise Serenade, "Lola"

7-12-2012 - Site Update | We now have a section dedicated to the families who have adopted our puppies! Check it out!

7-12-2012 - We have a little girl out of BISS CH Ta-Jon’s Pawsitively Silly x Ta-Jon’s Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun – Whelped 11/28/11 available for adoption! Check out our Puppies Page for more info. Adopted!

We have a new litter of Toppa x Cyndi puppies, 3 girls and 1 boy! Born 12/29/10. They've all been adopted!